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Business is everywhere. Whether you want to follow a product or start your own company, HowAbout is a great way to start. As you advance you will notice there is no need to change to another sales, marketing or communication platform since it offers that direct contact with the customer even when you scale up.

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Businesses realise that communication with the user is increasingly important. Users don’t like to be flooded with advertising and prefer to receive tailored news. In return for such a service we believe it is fair for users to allow advertising on their timeline for the companies they follow. Given the fact that the best advertising for any product comes from friends this is obviously a great idea. And wouldn’t you like to involve your friends in what you are following? Besides that, you will receive award points that can buy you upgrades on HowAbout to get better features.

But wait it gets more interesting. Followers unite in circles where they can interact with each other. Yes you can be invisible, but don’t you think it is cool to interact with people that have the same interest as you? You will definitely be able to get some advice from experienced users. You could even make some new friends there.

And here is another great feature. HowAbout is just as valuable for non-profits. As a member of a non profit you can reach all their members in their closed circle. This way you can communicate with them without having to add all of them to your contacts.

But HowAbout can be a great way for people to start a business. It offers sales pages with a buy button to enable anyone to sell an item. Artists or writers can use it to sell their work but anyone can use it to sell their old bike or old toys or sell something they made or bought ; check if there is enough demand to start a real business. 

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Check out our quick-start video to see how it works!

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