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To get data from HowAbout members they need to follow your company in HowAbout. That makes it essential that you create a dynamic online presence in HowAbout. We help you achieve this with the reward system we set up. The user is rewarded points for using the app and following companies. These companies can also offer personalised award points as give-aways in a promotional campaign where customers can use them to trade for discounts or freebies. These award points are a promotional item.

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We already mentioned the advertising-for-news-trade that we offer to users in the 'people with business’ chapter. That is a feature where both sides benefit by agreement. The idea is that you divide your product range into groups and place a follow button with each product group. People select the group they want to follow and regularly receive updates about this. We advise against anything more frequent than weekly news. Any other news can be added as a link to the website.

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