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Connecting in Confidence

In this segment we can define HowAbout as a sales and marketing app where brick and mortar stores can create a personalised webspace to sell spearpoint products online with very little risk or investment and no web-store experience needed. Worldwide statistics prove that brick and mortar stores see many hurdles in setting up an online business. HowAbout wants to be the answer to that. It hardly takes any effort to create a personalised online space on HowAbout and there is no need to restructure your business. HowAbout does not offer a full online shop but a place where you can sell your spearpoint products.

"We will save you money"

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Online Sales

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Save money

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HowAbout also offers important marketing tools. The pro-version allows you to upload all your customers data in a separate listing. From there you can send newsletters, polls etc. and depending on the data you have from your clients you can divide them in groups and adapt your marketing strategy to your liking. Customers can be in multiple groups at a time. You can also communicate directly with a customer from this group without having to add to your contact list. You can even send him a message with a buy button for a product he asks for. The payment system is offered by a specialised third party.




What can HowAbout mean for your business before looking at all the interactions with the world? You have to see for yourself what applies to you but we do have some great features.

Learn more about the value of HowAbout in your company

Obviously HowAbout has quite a few BtoB possibilities. Especially since we plan to offer custom made functions for our large customers once the application is fully operational.

B to B

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"Once everyone is looking in the same direction, opportunity lies elsewhere."

Be an early bird.

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