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HowAbout has both chat and messaging to communicate. Chat serves for an ongoing personal conversation where as messaging has many faces in HowAbout.

So when do you use a message?

  • to share something on your timeline

  • to contact someone in a circle you joined

  • to send a message to a company you follow or a contact in your list

  • to check when your contacts are free using a powwow

  • to confirm date and time of a powwow

  • to invite people to a fixed event

  • to communicate with a group of people who join an event

All messages are found under the same tab except what you posted on your timeline.

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No more hassle.


Group pictures are shared automatically. You no longer lose ten minutes to take a pic with everyone's phone. Event Based Photo-Sharing offers effortless sharing of photo’s from an event with those who joined it -and nobody else. It all starts with your invitation and after that it’s just a press of the button. 

event based photo-sharing

Auto-events make sure that you don't have to go through all administration to get instant event based photo-sharing. You just need to select your invitees, the rest is taken care of.

Groups make life simple


Another place where people like to share is their timeline. There have been a lot of privacy issues concerning this. HowAbout offers a timeline that you control. Here is how it works.


In most software a group is just a system for filing. In HowAbout groups are a dynamic tool : you use them all the time, create new ones for an event and delete, rename them or change their composition after. 


No matter what kind of message you create, you always add one or more recipients either individually or by using a group. When you post your message or event on your timeline, those are the people who can view it and nobody else. There is an option to select all in which case all your contacts can see that post on your timeline, but not the whole world.

Our calendar doesn't come with coffee but you will be so relax with it, you will get yourself a cup.

To plan an event you need a calendar so we added one. It offers filters you can create to make it easy for you to search your free time and keeps track of your events with an alarm you can set. When you receive a powwow it will automatically mark the dates you are not free.

Smart Calendar


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When you download HowAbout you can use all functions but their capacity is limited.


You can earn your upgrade just by using HowAbout and inviting your friends. Every friend that registers gets you award points.


You also receive points by following companies but remember that you share some of your data and allow them to advertise on your timeline in the process.

In return they offer you tailored news and rewards points. 

Check out our quick-start video to see how it works!

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