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Here are some features mentioned in on other pages and how they can be valuable in a B to B environment.

B to B environment

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All your intra-company communication happens in a closed circle. External parties can not be added without company password confirmation. The password generation will be a unique two-key system. In this way groups can alsobe cross company.

With groups you can create different overviews of your staff. A tree structure, an alphabetic list, a project structure, plenty of options. You can use different structures for different searchers. 

Setting up appointments with one or more people becomes more easy. With a powwow you can compare agenda’s without the need to meet up. Calendar filters help you select the appropriate time. When you receive a powwow the HowAbout calendar will check out when you are free and you pick out the best options. Confirmation automatically creates the event in your calendar. You just need to set your alarm.

An event can be a job that needs to be done and event based photo-sharing will file the pictures directly to the event. Since this photo-sharing is instant and without further actions required, life-saving time can be saved or just the hassle of sharing and possible errors. It may save a specialist the time of checking out a situation and withhold a workforce from having to wait for his judgement. Evidence photographed is immediately shared with several people which can reduce the chance of loss or corruption. Lots of possibilities.

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Flight management in which every flight becomes an event an all relevant passenger booking, control and messaging passes through HowAbout.

The Future:
Custom Built Functions

A package delivery follow up on HowAbout which would no longer require login etc. and delivery can be photographed through event based photo-sharing.

You probably already though of some way HowAbout could be included in your business flow. Let us know.
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