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Connecting the Dots

HowAbout demonstrates how a mobile can work in a way that all elements that should communicate with each other actually do so. It has been built to interconnect its different functions. Similarly, it is designed to connect people on many levels with the different aspects of their lives : personal, hobby and professional. Given the wide range of options HowAbout offers, the short video's below give a more relevant overview to investors on the interconnectivity of the functions.



So you thought current search engines can find anything. Allow us to explain how we can do a better job at some searches and make money without annoying the users with ads.

Next Generation Social Media

Here's why we consider ourselves next generation social media. But honestly, there are many more reasons why. Check out the other video's too to get the big picture.



Let us explain you how to make money on social media while still respecting privacy. How you will no longer get spam and how we don't need to spy on people's email or timeline to show relevant ads.


Videos currently in production



HowAbout is next generation Social media mostly because of how it generates income without stealing data. Here is an overview of how we do it.

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