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Connecting in Confidence

Communication is the basis of everything. It defines who we are and how people will interact with us. And even though internet is taking over an ever greater part of this communication we are much more in touch with each other than ever before, all be it in a less personal way. HowAbout aims at using communication to raise this level of connection.

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This is the reason why the people we would like to see in your contact list in HowAbout are people you actually meet up with. HowAbout is about the people you hang out with, be it friends or family, co-workers, your sports-team or members of a hobbyclub you joined. HowAbout wants to be your personal connection with your real world social life. To achieve this, it offers a bunch of features and a unique approach that will guarantee your privacy as private as you want it. 

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people with people

HowAbout is an Opt-in system. 


In HowAbout we share nothing without you knowing what you share and who you are sharing with. There are no privacy settings needed since you are always in control.

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You Are in Charge


No more 'relevant ads' after you sent an email. In HowAbout all your communications happen in a closed circle. Moreover, you decide who can view your timeline posts and whether you wish to share data with companies. Once you follow a company there is a fair mutual agreement in which both parties benefit from what you share.

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"no privacy settings needed"

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For artists HowAbout is a one stop place for both communicating one-sided with your fans and selling your work or your fan-items. No bulk-mail software needed to address everybody in a click.


For clubs, non-profit or NGO, HowAbout keeps a separate list for member communication, other than your private contact list. That means you can reach any member without adding them to your contact list and sending a message to all does not require bulk email software and no risk of your message getting lost. You will also be able to use some of the pro account  features.

Check out our quick-start video to see how it works!

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